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Paint correction is a labor-intensive process using Nano tech abrasives such as compounds and polishes to achieve a deeper glossier look on a paints surface. This usually digs a little deeper into the paint depending on the type of correction is being performed on the car.
It is recommended after correction to use protection using Ceramic Coatings to keep the deep glossy finish for an extended amount of time.


There are two different types of paint correction levels that we offer. Single stage paint correction and two stage paint correction. The differences between these two depends on the amount of defect removal you want, whether it may be 80% or even 90% removed. Some of the defects types are shown below on the picture provided by Autopia Car Care.

The amount of defect removal on your vehicles paint depends on the type of paint whether it may be soft or hard paint. An in person inspection and “test spot” will be the best option to determine what kind of finish you may want for your vehicle.

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We normally prep the car with our Decontamination package. This is followed by a prep spray to remove any waxes, sealants, or any protection that is currently on the paint to have it bare and ready for polishing. After this, we use different combinations of compounds and polishes to determine what is best for your paint to achieve the best results.

**Paint correction may take up to several days due to it being labor intensive, and trying to hit every spot on car to ensure proper correction.



**Contact us for pricing. Final prices reflect upon after in person vehicle inspection. May come in for free test spot on vehicle to view the final product of the paint of vehicle. gif maker 2


Single Stage

For this type of correction, it requires only a single step of polishing as it’s name states. We try to find the perfect balance between a single polishing compound and pad that best accommodates to your vehicle’s paint.

In this process, we try to correct up to about 80% of light defects above surface that are limited to swirls, hazes, and other light defects. Defect removal may be as low as 50%. Percentage of defect removal reflects on how hard or soft your vehicle’s paint is.

Though this detail may not be as perfect, there will be a big difference in result of your vehicle’s paint. There isn’t a perfect combination between pad and polish, which we will always try to maximize the results of your paint. gif maker 1 1


Multi Stage

This service uses various pads and compounds to dig deeper into your vehicle’s paint, to remove most of the paint defects. In this type of correction, we aim to remove about most has 95% of paint defects to as low as 85%.

The process starts with a heavy cutting pad and compound to remove the heavy defects on the paint. This is followed by a finishing pad and polish to remove any hazes or defects that may be left by the heavy cutting compound/pad and refine this, increasing the clarity of the paint.

At the end of the multi stage process, we hope to bring the gloss and clarity of the vehicle as if it were a brand new vehicle!